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Special Occasion Photography Fee

Photography fee: $125 for up to 3 hours (each additional hour at $25 per hour)

-included is all lighting if the event requires "portrait" posing
-if backdrop is needed there is an additional $20 setup charge. Host(ess) is required to provide the necessary room for the backdrop and lighting

Your event photography will be available on the website within 2 weeks of the event. Special pricing will be available to the attendees of the event.

Included in the session will be cards given to the host(ess) to send out to all attendees with the website, pricing, and any other additional informationůso that the guests can view the photos for themselves!

The host(ess) may purchase the entire DVD of all their photos for a charge of $500. This is for limited usage printing however, and may only be used to print photos for their own use. Meaning the host(ess) cannot print out photos for anyone but their immediate family.

A full use license is available on an individual basis, depending on the type of event.
Please inquire with Simply To Inspire Photography for a price quote.

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