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What is a Home Portrait Party?

A Home Portrait Party is a wonderful experience and opportunity to avoid lines, cramped in-store studio environments, restricted appointments, and crowds. While attending a home portrait party, you can expect to have a great time with friends and family. Most home portrait parties are scheduled for a Friday evening, a Saturday morning, afternoon, or evening, and Sunday afternoons in the home of the hostess.

What is the photographers setup?

The hostess and photographer will select a room in the home that is best for the session setup. The photographer will have studio lighting set up and will use it in conjunction with natural lighting if possible. If the hostess requests for outdoor portraits, arrangements can be made to accommodate that request as long as there is a suitable location and weather permits.

For Party Guests:

As a guest and friend of the hostess, you can expect a fun and rewarding experience. Not only will your children receive a comfortable portrait session, but you can relax, catch up with friends, and enjoy refreshments.

What are the costs to participate?

The sitting fee is complimentary ($75 savings) and there is absolutely no obligation to place an order.

What should we wear?

Solid color or minimal patterns are recommended. For family portraits, a solid black (or white) top and jeans creates a wonderful look. Babies usually photograph best without clothing on at all. Changing of outfits during your session will lessen your chance of having more portraits to choose from. Please take careful considerations of the session times when choosing the clothing changes for your children.

When will my proofs be ready to view online?

Proofs will be ready within 2 weeks of when the party took place. The hostess and guests will be provided with a web address to view your proofs online and your proofs will be password protected for your privacy. You will have 10 business days to place your order online. Credit Cards are processed through our secure online ordering system.

Can you accommodate special requests?

Please direct all requests to Simply To Inspire Photography. All special requests will be considered and if something just isn’t possible during the portrait party, a personal session can be discussed.

For Hostesses:

As a hostess, you can expect to have a wonderful time with friends and family while having multiple sitting sessions for you and your family, and earning credits towards the purchase of your own prints.

What are my responsibilities?

As the hostess, you are required to plan the party, host the party, and follow up on the party. You will be given the invitations, which will be custom designed for your party. The planning includes inviting the guests, directing the guests to for more information, and serving refreshments. Hostesses are encouraged to be enthusiastic and outgoing. You must invite a minimum of 6 guests/families. Appointments are made for every 30 minutes. You will be provided with a sign-up sheet for your convenience. Hostesses are also responsible for paperwork that must be filled out by the guests during the party. While Simply To Inspire Photography will email all the guests when the online proofing is available, it is the hostesses responsibility to contact each guest and make sure they know the proofs are available, and when the deadline is for ordering.

Will I get a session during the party?

During the portrait party, you will have the opportunity to have multiple sittings for your family. You may use this offer to take a variety of portraits such as the children alone, the children together, the entire family, or just the parents together. There is no obligation to place an order.

What are the rewards?

As a hostess, you will receive $50.00 towards your portrait purchase plus an additional credit equivalent to 10% of all sales. The credit may be used towards the cost of prints or custom designed photo cards from There is no obligation to purchase anything more than the credit you have earned from hosting the party.

Our Policy:

  • All orders must be placed before the deadline provided to you online and by your hostess.
  • All proofs will be removed from the online proofing area on the day after your deadline day. There will be a charge of $25 to retrieve your proofs back to online viewing.
  • Hostesses will only receive credit for orders placed before the deadline.
  • Payment must be received in full for all orders.
  • Hostess will pick up orders from Simply To Inspire Photography and deliver them to the clients unless the client would like to pick up their order from Simply To Inspire Photography.
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